Tunnel Pro-High Efficiency Fluorescent

Tunnel & Underpass (Fluorescent)

The Tunnel Pro High Efficiency Fluorescent is designed for tunnel and underpass applications to provide “Basic daytime”, “Night time” and “Mains Failure” lighting. This range supplements the Tunnel Pro HID Series and shares the same high level optical design, robust construction and ease of maintenance to provide a minimum design life in excess of 20 years.

In comparison to the standard Tunnel Pro ? Fluorescent the wider body of the High Efficiency luminaire improves the performance of the optical system as well allowing various distributions. In addition the increased volume provides a cooler environment to maximise lamp and control gear life.

A single piece stainless steel body provides superiors corrosion and mechanical resistance for these arduous environments. A glass visor is supported via a stainless steel frame and secured via toggle latches which remain attached to the housing when opened for easy maintenance. The lamps, reflector and control are also mounted on a removable gear tray.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] TFW601L Tunnel Pro HE Fluorescent 2x58W 1623 x 317 x 105Hm 16.6
  • Features
    • 2 x 58W T8 Fluorescent lamps
    • Integral electronic control gear
    Luminaire Construction
    • Stainless steel, grade 304 18/8 body and visor frame
    • 5mm thick tempered glass visor
    • Stainless steel toggle latches and fasteners
    • Silicone rubber gasket
    • Removable optical / control gear tray
    • IP65 optical / control gear chamber
    • Natural finish
    Options Available
    • T5 Fluorescent lamps
    • Dimming ballasts
    • DALI Control
    • Mounting brackets
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various colours


Roadway Tunnel

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