Suburban HID Series


Building upon the success of the Urban Series, the Suburban delivers superior optical performance, which is supported by a precision, high pressure die-cast body and optical assembly complying with AS1158-1 Category P and AS1158.6 road lighting requirements.

The high performance aluminium reflector system incorporates a house side reflector which dramatically reduces the obtrusive lighting behind the Suburban. Combined with the injection moulded acrylic visor, the Suburban produces a typical light distribution pattern for precise street lighting requirements for lamps up to 70W High Pressure Sodium and 100W Metal Halide.

The control gear is mounted direct to the body chamber or on a removable gear cassette, as required, which is easily accessed by removing the top cover assembly. The cover is 100% compatible with the Urban and is uniquely retained by four patented non corrosive, quick release retention clips, which are of course captive to the cover

Both the lantern head and gear chamber form two discrete weatherproof compartments IP64 Optical, IP24 Gear. The visor which is sealed by a silicon gasket is retained by two secure, stainless steel toggles. Photo electric cell control is available in D2. Fixing mounting is via a 34mm O.D. spigot assembly.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] JS1000L Suburban 50W MV 410 x 274 x 198Hm 3.6
[more] JS1100L Suburban 80W MV 410 x 274 x 198Hm 3.7
[more] JS4000L Suburban 50W HPS 410 x 274 x 198Hm 4
[more] JS4100L Suburban 70W HPS 410 x 274 x 198Hm 4.2
[more] JS2500L Suburban 35W MH 410 x 274 x 198Hm 3.7
[more] JS2700L Suburban 70W MA 410 x 274 x 198Hm 4.2
[more] JS1900L Suburban 100W MA 410 x 274 x 198Hm 4.2
  • Features
    • 35W – 100W HID lamps
    • Integral 250V HPF control gear tray
    • Complies to AS1158-1 Category V and AS1158.6
    Luminaire Construction
    • Pressure die-cast one piece aluminium body
    • IP64 optical chamber with acrylic visor
    • IP24 control chamber with High density polyethylene cover with captive quick release clips
    • Side entry mounting fits 27 to 34mm O.D. pipe
    • Stainless steel toggle latches and fasteners
    • Natural finish
    Options Available
    • 240V control gear
    • Glare Shields
    • Photoelectric control switch
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various colours
    • Environ option


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