The Roadspan series is high performance functional luminaire specifically designed for the Australian/New Zealand major road lighting requirements. The standard semi cutoff optical system with 150, 250 or 400 watt clear sodium lamps is optimised to provide the maximum spacing complying with AS1158 Category V. Combined with an IP54 lamp chamber and self cleaning visor minimises light loss due to dirt accumulation reducing the maintenance factor resulting in a highly energy efficient luminaire. This luminaire is suitable for Metal Halide 150, 250 in Aeroscreen and Semi Cut-off options. 400 watt Metal Halide Aeroscreen option for areas requiring extra lighting control or limits to upward light. The Roadspan series body is pressure die-cast aluminium providing for side entry mounting. Control gear is integral, which is serviced via the top or bottom cover assembly and complies with AS1158-6 major road requirements.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] PS4200L SHPT150 see drw 9
[more] PS4300L SHPT250 see drw 9
[more] PS4400L SHPT400 see drw 9
[more] PS2600L M150COU see drw 9
[more] PS2100L HSITSX250 see drw 9
[more] PST4200L SHPT150 see drw 9
[more] PST4300L SHPT250 see drw 9
[more] PST4400L SHPT400 see drw 9
[more] PST2600L M150COU see drw 9
[more] PST2100L HSITSX250 see drw 9
[more] PST4400L HSITX400 see drw 9
  • Features
    • 150, 250 and 400 HID lamps
    • Integral 250V HPF control gear tray
    • Complies to AS1158 Category V
    Luminaire Construction
    • Pressure die-cast aluminium body
    • IP54 optical chamber with acrylic visor
    • IP24 control chamber with High density polyethylene cover with captive quick release clips
    • Side entry mounting 32mm nominal bore pipe bracket or 40mm as an option
    • EMC approved
    Options Available
    • Aeroscreen flat glass visor
    • Photoelectric Control switch
    • 40mm mounting kit
    • Polyester powdercoat finish


Carpark Pedestrian Roadway Security

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