Paleo 440 Series

Paleo 440 Series provides flexible lighting solutions for all facets of public lighting, including Category V major roads and Category P minor roads, in a single package. Mounting includes an adjustable upcast for side entry and post top mounting and fits 43mm to 60mm diameter pipe.

Lamp powers range from 70W to 400W. Access is via the control gear and a single action of the discrete latch. The integral control gear is mounted on a removable gear tray. For ease of maintenance, the lamp is removed at the same time as the control gear.

The die cast aluminium body, together with extensive use of stainless steel, silicon and other quality components, allows both the optical and gear compartments to enjoy an IP66 rating, reducing maintenance costs and increasing performance to exceptional levels. The high performance optical system features an adjustable lamp position and curved glass visor or optional aeroscreen glass and dished acrylic visors provide an extensive distribution selection. Integral control gear is isolated upon opening of the luminaire. PE control is available as an option.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] EP9700L P440 42W CF 712 x 334 x 250Hm 7.2
[more] EP4100L P440 70W HPS 712 x 334 x 250Hm 9.5
[more] EP4700L P440 100W HPS 712 x 334 x 250Hm 10
[more] EP4200L P440 150W HPS 712 x 334 x 250Hm 10.5
[more] EP4300L P440 250W HPS 712 x 334 x 250Hm 11
[more] EP4400L P440 400W HPS 712 x 334 x 250Hm 11.5
[more] EP2600L P440 150W MH 712 x 334 x 250Hm 10.5
[more] EP2100L P440 250W MH 712 x 334 x 250Hm 11
[more] EP2200L P440 400W MH 712 x 334 x 250Hm 11.5
[more] EP1100L P440 80W MV 712 x 334 x 250Hm 9
[more] EP1300L P440 125W MV 712 x 334 x 250Hm 9.5
[more] EP1500L P440 250W MV 712 x 334 x 250Hm 10
  • Features
    • 26W CF - 400W HID lamps
    • Adjustable upcast
    • Control gear and lamp are electrically isolated, via a double pole isolation switch, when opened.
    • Self locking opening catch
    • Integral 250V HPF control gear and lamp holder on a removable tray
    Luminaire Construction
    • High pressure die-cast aluminium body and control gear cover
    • IP66 optical & gear chamber with curved glass visor
    • Side entry and post top mounting with adjustable upcast
    • Black powdercoat finish as standard
    Options Available
    • Aeroscreen flat glass visor (limited elliptical lamps)
    • Photoelectric control switch (limited wattages)
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various colours


Amenity Carpark Pedestrian Roadway Security


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