Nightstar LED Series 2

The modern styling of the the Nightstar LED is striking yet unobtrusive - making a bold, progressive statement as it blends seamlessly with its environment.

The Nightstar LED Series takes all the benefits of LED technology and moulds it into a high performance, high efficacy and long life area lighting luminaire.

Order Code Description Wattage Lumen
[more] DS2304F7L260 NIGHTSTAR DS 260W 4K BLACK T4 260 30000
[more] DS2304S7L260 NIGHTSTAR DS 260W 4K BLACK T5 260 30000
[more] DS2304A7L260 NIGHTSTAR DS 260W 4K BLACK T3 260 30000
[more] DS2364F7L326 NIGHTSTAR DS 326W 4K BLACK T4 326 36000
[more] DS2364S7L326 NIGHTSTAR DS 326W 4K BLACK T5 326 36000
[more] DS2364A7L326 NIGHTSTAR DS 326W 4K BLACK T3 326 36000
  • Features
    • 34W to 326W capable of delivering up to 36 000 lumen with T3, T4 and T5 distribution options
    • Exceptional 'finned' thermal management system ensures over 100,000 hours LED module life.
    • Integrated DALI option, the Nightstar LED Series delivers a controllable luminaire that helps you realise energy consumption goals and demonstrate environmental responsibility.
    • Unique optics placed below each LED ensure light is delivered where it needs to be and provides a uniform Nightime Friendly environment with Minimal light pollution perfect for dark sky applications


Amenity Carpark Parks Retail Roadway


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