Enza Series

(Category P & V)

The Enza Series is a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing and functional luminaire solution for prestige environments such Cities, Town Centres and decorative environments.

The Enza Series incorporates the innovative “Multibox” control gear module, which is completely isolated, tool free plug and play control gear system. The Multibox module allows for quick and easy maintenance, along with the option to upgrade or change control gear requirements with ease. In addition to this, tool-free access to the optical chamber allows for safe and easy lamp replacement. An innovative mounting system allows the luminaire to be side or post top mounted.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] ERL2101L Enza 35 250W MH see drw. 14.7
[more] ERL2201L Enza 35 400W MH see drw. 14.7
[more] ERL4201L Enza 35 150W HPS see drw. 14.7
[more] ERL4301L Enza 35 250W HPS see drw. 14.7
[more] ERL4401L Enza 35 400W HPS see drw. 14.7
[more] ER9701L Enza 25 42W CF see drw. 11.7
[more] ER3301L Enza 25 42W UW see drw. 11.7
[more] ER3401L Enza 25 60W UW see drw. 11.7
[more] ER3501L Enza 25 90W UW see drw. 11.7
[more] ER2701L Enza 25 70W MH see drw. 11.7
[more] ER1901L Enza 25 100W MH see drw. 11.7
[more] ER2601L Enza 25 150W MH see drw. 11.7
[more] ER4101L Enza 25 70W HPS see drw. 11.7
[more] ER4701L Enza 25 100W HPS see drw. 11.7
[more] ER4201L Enza 25 150W HPS see drw. 11.7
[more] ERL3501L Enza 35 90W UW see drw. 14.7
[more] ERL3601L Enza 35 140W UW see drw. 14.7
[more] ERL2601L Enza 35 150W MH see drw. 14.7
  • Features
    • Enza 25 26W - 42W CF & 45W – 150W HID
    • Enza 35 90W to 400W HID
    • Tool free removable control gear box
    Luminaire Construction
    • Pressure die-cast aluminium body
    • Toughened glass visor with silicone gasket.
    • Hinged access cover with quick release hatch
    • MULTIBOX control gear module
    • Side entry mounting, fits 60mm O.D. pipe
    • Post Top entry mounting, fits 60mm and 62mm O.D. pipe
    • Adjustable up cast of 00, 50, 100,and 150.
    • IP66 optical / control gear chamber
    • Powdercoated Siteco metallic grey (DB702S) as standard
    Options Available
    • Mounting bracket arms
    • Class II
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various colours


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