Duplex Series

Calibre (Category P & V)

The Duplex series provides sophisticated street lighting distribution with a separate indirect accent function. The high quality die cast and spun aluminium lamp housing and roof support arms complete the body assembly. Two plane heat-hardened glass bowls, polished and anodised aluminium reflector form the optical system. The indirect reflector lens is fibreglass reinforced polyester resin IP 66.

Gear tray mounted integrally, with Metal Halide 70W, lamp included (indirect) and lamp powers up to 400W for direct component.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] ED2600L Duplex 150W MH 1990 60
[more] ED2100L Duplex 250W MH 1990 60
[more] ED2200L Duplex 400W MH 1990 60
[more] ED4200L Duplex 150W HPS 1990 60
[more] ED4300L Duplex 250W HPS 1990 60
[more] ED4400L Duplex 400W HPS 1990 60
  • Features
    • Direct 150-400W HID lamps
    • Indirect 70W Metal Halide (Rx7s)
    • Integral 240V HPF control gear
    Luminaire Construction
    • Die-cast aluminium body and spun aluminium lamp housing
    • Fibreglass reinforced polyester resin indirect reflector lens
    • Post top mounting
    • Grey polyester powdercoat finish as standard
    Options Available
    • Twin Duplex luminaires
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various RAL colours
    • Environ option


Amenity Pedestrian Roadway Environ


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