B2001 Series

Decorative (Category P)

The B2001 Series is designed to provide an economical and efficient method of area lighting. The Sylvania B2001 Nostalgia Series presents the opportunity to create modern, energy efficient street lighting systems, whilst maintaining a nostalgic appearance. Apart from its decorative attraction, both models for the B2001 and Nostalgia provide a street lighting distribution to meet AS1158 Category P for Minor Road Lighting and AS1158.6.

Both models are designed as a completely integral unit with lamp and control gear easily accessible for maintenance. The body assembly is pressure die-cast aluminium with stainless steel fixings used exclusively in manufacture and the radial prismatic refractor is injection moulded acrylic. Complementary to this series of luminaires is a range of Sylvania Estate Columns.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] D9800L B2001 32W CF 5.3
[more] D97100L B2001 42W CF 5.3
[more] D1100L B2001 80W MV 6
[more] D1300L B2001 125W MV 6.6
[more] D4100L B2001 70W HPS 6.5
[more] D1900L B2001 100W MA 6.6
[more] DC9800L B2001 Shade 32W CF 5.3
[more] DC97100L B2001 Shade 32W CF 5.3
[more] DC1100L B2001 Shade 80W MV 9
[more] DC1300L B2001 Shade 125W MV 9.6
[more] DC4100L B2001 Shade 70W HPS 9.5
[more] DC1900L B2001 Shade 100W MA 9.6
[more] DB9800L B2001 Nost 32W CF 5.3
[more] DB97100L B2001 Nost 32W CF 5.3
[more] DB1100L B2001 Nost 80W MV 9
[more] DC1300L B2001 Nost 125W MV 9.6
[more] DC4100L B2001 Nost 70W HPS 9.5
[more] DC1900L B2001 Nost 100W MA 9.6
  • Features
    • 26W CF - 125W HID lamps
    • Category P distribution
    • Integral 250V HPF control gear
    Luminaire Construction
    • B2001 - Pressure die-cast aluminium body and canopy
    • B2001 Shade & B2001 Nostalgia ? Pressure die-cast aluminium body and spun aluminium canopy
    • IP54 optical & gear chamber with acrylic Type 3 refractor
    • Post top mounting (076 x 80) fits 76mm OD pipe.
    • Black polyester powdercoat finish as standard
    Options Available
    • D2 type photoelectric control switch
    • Symmetric distribution with Type 5 acrylic refractor
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various colours


Amenity Carpark Pedestrian Roadway


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