T5 FHE Special Colour

T5 Fluorescent

T5 FHE special application coloured phosphor lamps, the coloured solution for new, slim, aesthetic luminaires, perfect for creating special lighting effects in shop windows, bars, fairground attractions, dance halls and night clubs. Colour options available are red, green, blue and yellow with Cool Blue and Warm Amber tubes specially designed for use with SYLVANIA SlimDim T5 luminaires.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 214722 FHE 14W/WARM AMBER L549 X D16 G5
[more] 221722 FHE 21W/WARM AMBER L849 X D16 G5
[more] 200722 FHE 28W/WARM AMBER L1149 X D16 G5
[more] 235722 FHE 35W/WARM AMBER L1449 X D16 G5
[more] 214780 FHE 14W/COOL BLUE L549 X D16 G5
[more] 221780 FHE 21W/COOL BLUE L849 X D16 G5
[more] 200780 FHE 28W/COOL BLUE L1149 X D16 G5
[more] 235780 FHE 35W/COOL BLUE L1449 X D16 G5
[more] 214RED FHE 14W/RED L549 X D16 G5
[more] 214BLU FHE 14W/BLUE L549 X D16 G5
[more] 214GRN FHE 14W/GREEN L549 X D16 G5
[more] 214YEL FHE 14W/YELLOW L549 X D16 G5
[more] 221RED FHE 21W/RED L849 X D16 G5
[more] 221BLU FHE 21W/BLUE L849 X D16 G5
[more] 221GRN FHE 21W/GREEN L849 X D16 G5
[more] 221YEL FHE 21W/YELLOW L849 X D16 G5
[more] 228RED FHE 28W/RED L1149 X D16 G5
[more] 228BLU FHE 28W/BLUE L1149 X D16 G5
[more] 228GRN FHE 28W/GREEN L1149 X D16 G5
[more] 228YEL FHE 28W/YELLOW L1149 X D16 G5
[more] 235RED FHE 35W/RED L1449 X D16 G5
[more] 235BLU FHE 35W/BLUE L1449 X D16 G5
[more] 235GRN FHE 35W/GREEN L1449 X D16 G5
[more] 235YEL FHE 35W/YELLOW L1449 X D16 G5
  • Features
    • T5 FHE special application coloured phosphor lamps, the coloured solution for new, slim, aesthetic luminaires.
    • For approved electronic ballast operation only
    • Suitable for dimming applications on approved dimmable electronic ballast
    • Optimum luminous flux at an ambient temperature of approx 35°C
    • Warm Amber and Cool Blue, specially designed for SYLVANIA SlimDim T5 luminaires
    • Average lamp life: 15000 hours on preheat elctronic ballast
    • Lamp should be initially operated at full power for 100 hours prior to any dimming of lamp
    • Optimum performance of this lamp is based on lamp orientation in both the horizontal and vertical positions. To ensure optimum performance, please refer to your SYLVANIA office for clarification.
    • Colours shown in images are representative only



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