Lynx CFDE/4 Pin

The Lynx CFDE comprises of two U shaped tubes and a 4 pin base without starter or capacitor. Featuring excellent colour rendering – Ra85/Class 1B, the CFDE range is for use with electronic ballast only and is suitable for emergency lighting.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 251590 Lynx-CFDE/10W/827 L87 X D35 G24q-1
[more] 251600 Lynx-CFDE/13W/827 L115 X D35 G24q-1
[more] 251400 Lynx-CFDE/18W/827 L129 X D35 G24q-2
[more] 251430 Lynx-CFDE/26W/827 L147 X D35 G24q-3
[more] 259200 Lynx-CFDE/10W/830 L87 X D35 G24q-1
[more] 280230 Lynx-CFDE/13W/830 L115 X D35 G24q-1
[more] 259220 Lynx-CFDE/18W/830 L129 X D35 G24q-2
[more] 259230 Lynx-CFDE/26W/830 L147 X D35 G24q-3
[more] 280200 Lynx-CFDE/18W/835 L129 X D35 G24q-2
[more] 280210 Lynx-CFDE/26W/835 L147 X D35 G24q-3
[more] 253860 Lynx-CFDE/10W/840 L87 X D35 G24q-1
[more] 253380 Lynx-CFDE/13W/840 L115 X D35 G24q-1
[more] 253900 Lynx-CFDE/18W/840 L129 X D35 G24q-2
[more] 253920 Lynx-CFDE/26W/840 L147 X D35 G24q-3
  • Features
    • Two U shaped tubes and a 4 pin base without starter or capacitor
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): Ra 80-89/Class 1B
    • To be operated on electronic ballast onlySuitable for emergency lighting
    • Suitable for dimming applications on approved dimmable electronic ballast
    • Lamp should be initially operated at full power for 100 hrs prior to any dimming of lamp
    • Average Rated Life: 15,000 hours



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