Linear Double Ended

Mains Voltage Linear Halogen

The Linear Double Ended features instant illumination with excellent colour rendering. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use in floodlighting, security, uplighting and wall washing lighting applications.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 214320 DE 240 60W L78 X D10 R7s
[more] 214020 DE 240 100W L78 X D10 R7s
[more] 214030 DE 240 150W L78 X D10 R7s
[more] 215460 DE 240 100W L118 X D10 R7s
[more] 215470 DE 240 150W L118 X D10 R7s
[more] 215510 DE 240 200W L118 X D10 R7s
[more] 587709 DE 240 300W L118 X D10 R7s
[more] 587000 DE 240 500W L118 X D10 R7s
[more] 587003 DE 240 1000W L189 X D10 R7s
[more] 589480 DE 240 1000W L254 X D10 R7s
[more] 588570 DE 240 1500W L254 X D10 R7s
  • Features
    • Instant illumination
    • Excellent colour rendering
    • Suitable for outdoor floodlighting/security lighting
    • Suitable for interior floodlighting, uplighting and wallwashing
    • For use in luminaires with toughened front glass
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): Ra 90-100/Class 1A



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