Infrared - Gold Filter Quartz Double Ended

This range of space heating quartz infra red lamps are ideal for use where the special gold dichroic coating filter blocks more light then the traditional ruby red lamps for much lower glare control.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 033035 Infrared 1000W Gold L370 Metal Strap X
[more] 033036 Infrared 1300W Gold L254 R7s
[more] 033037 Infrared 1500W Gold L353 SK15
[more] 033039 Infrared 2000W Gold L353 SK15
  • Features
    • Tubular quartz envelope with gold dichroic coating
    • Blocks more light than Ruby quartz types, for lower glare
    • Advanced vacuum-sputtered coating won't crack or peel
    • Coating extends right over the tip-off area - no light leaks


    • Gradually replacing ruby quartz types where reduced glare is desirable
    • Creates comfort zones in the outdoor cold, ideal for patios, restaurants and cafés
    • Efficient spaceheating in large buildings e.g. churches, halls, warehouses, garages, stadiums, exhibition halls etc
    • Glare free de-icing of pedestrian walkways



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