Germicidal Linear


The Germicial Linear range of fluorescent tubes are designed for a variety of special applications such as:

  • Water purification
  • Destruction of bacteria, viruses, mould spores and other micro-organisms
  • Sterilisation of air, gases, liquids and surfaces
  • Typical application areas are hospitals, dairies, bakeries, breweries
  • Disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools, air conditioning systems
  • Industrial graphic equipment.
  • Fluorescent effects
  • Mineral detection
  • Erasing EEPROM memories
Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 202328 G4 T5 L136 X D16 G5
[more] 202216 G6 T5 L212 X D16 G5
[more] 208110 G8 T5 L288 X D16 G5
[more] 202482 G10 T8 L330 X D26 G13
[more] 216120 G15 T8 L437 X D26 G13
[more] 200526 G25 T8 L436 X D26 G13
[more] 231120 G30 T8 L894 X D26 G13
[more] 200504 G36 T8 L1198 X D26 G13
[more] 202208 G55 T8 L893 X D26 G13
[more] 221700 G58 T8 L1500 X D26 G13
[more] 202500 G20 T10 L590 X D34 G13
[more] 202327 G40 T10 L1199 X D34 G13
  • Features
    • Lamps radiate more than 85% of their energy in the UV-C spectrum at 253.7nm
    • Shape, electrical characteristics and lighting circuits are similar to general fluorescent lamps
    • The majority of germicidal lamps operate most efficiently in still air at an ambient temp of 25°
    • All lamps are Ozone Free
    • The radiation from these lamps is very harmful to eyes and skin. Always protect your eyes and skin against radiation.
    • Germicidal lamps must only be used in appropriate equipment and applications.
    • When using UV-C emitting lamps, the official reference guides and the current industrial safety guideline must be followed.
    • Maximum Permissible Exposure Time (MPET) can be established for a given range of wavelengths. For example: 1 minute/day at a distance of 30cm.
    • Germicidal lamps emit UV-C radiation and must not be used for general lighting purposes



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