Classic Eco A55

Mains Voltage Halogen Non Reflector

Providing a 1:1 replacement of incandescent A55 lamps, the Classic Eco-A55 provides 2x greater average life compared to incandescent lamps = 2000 hours. With excellent colour rendering (CRI = 100), instant illumination and sparkling light output, the Classic Eco-A55 is ideal for commercial and domestic applications.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 603012ER Classic Eco 28W/BC L92 X D55 B22
[more] 603014ER Classic Eco 42W/BC L92 X D55 B22
[more] 603016ER Classic Eco 53W/BC L92 X D55 B22
[more] 603018ER Classic Eco 70W/BC L92 X D55 B22
[more] 603302ER Classic Eco 28W/ES L97 X D55 E27
[more] 603303ER Classic Eco 42W/ES L97 X D55 E27
[more] 603304ER Classic Eco 53W/ES L97 X D55 E27
[more] 603305ER Classic Eco 70W/ES L97 X D55 E27
  • Features
    • 1:1 replacement of Incandescent A55 lamp
    • More efficient - more savings
    • Two times more average life compared to incandescent lamps = 2000 hours
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): Ra 90-100/Class 1A
    • Instant illumination
    • Sparkling light output
    • Less heat generation than incandescent lamp
    • Less CO2 emissions
    • Identical shape as standard incandescent lamp
    • Commercial and domestic application
    • 100% dimmable



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