Britearc HR Double Ended

Photo Optic

Ideal for show lighting, theatre, nighclub lighting, follow spots, effect lighting and studio lighting applications, the Briteline HR Double Ended features high luminous efficacy, low infrared, colour stability, hot restrike and excellent lumen maintenance.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 239210 BA 575 DE L136 X D21 SFc10-4
[more] 239220 BA 1200 DE L220 X D25 SFc15.5-6
[more] 239960 BA1200 DE S L126 X D23 SFc10-4 pre-focused
[more] 239230 BA 2500 DE L355 X D32 SFa21-12
[more] 239240 BA 4000 DE L405 X D40 SFa21-12
[more] 239250 BA 6000 DE L450 X D52 S25.5X60
  • Features
    • High luminous efficacy
    • Low infrared
    • Colour stability
    • Excellent lumen maintenance
    • Physical ruggedness
    • Hot restrike
    • Applications: Show lighting, Theatre, Nightclub lighting, Follow spots, Effect lighting, Studio lighting



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