Pet and Horticulture

The AquaArc provides a high light output, good efficiency and high colour rendering for all biological organisms in fresh and marine water aquariums. Featuring very high colour stability over the whole lamp life the AquaArc delivers a high colour temperature (10,000 K).

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 210490 HSI-TD 150W AquaArc L135 X D25 RX7s
[more] 210500 HSI-TD 250W AquaArc L162 X D28 Fc2
  • Features
    • High light output and good efficiency
    • High colour rendering
    • Very high colour stability over the whole lamp life
    • High colour temperature (10000 K)
    • Point-source of light creates attractive shadow effect of water ripples on the aquarium bed
    • Burning position: horizontal ± 45°
    • External ignitor only
    • Only use in luminaires fitted with protective cover glass
    • Ensure the lamp envelope is cleaned of finger prints before use
    • Lamps should be operated with the arc tube tip-off pointing up-see instructions supplied with lamp
    • This lamp emits UV-radiation. Avoid exposure to skin and eyes
    • Not suitable for household room illumination



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