Airfield Capsule - Low Current


The Airfield Capsule series of current controlled (6.0A, 6.6A) lamps that provide long reliable through life performance. Featuring complete interchangeability for existing capsule types, the Airfield Capsule provides constant colour temperature and offers a infra-red radiation output allowing operation in toughest winter conditions. This lamp range is ideal for Approach lights, Runway edge lights, Threshold lights, Runway lights, Taxiway lights, Visual approach slope indicator systems.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 214790 L2516 30W 6.6A J1/74 L45 X D11 G6.35
[more] 222130 L2510 36W 6.0A J1/59 L45 X D11 G6.35
[more] 214800 L2517 30W 6.6A J1/77 L45 X D11 G6.35
[more] 222140 L2511 45W 6.6A J1/57 L45 X D11 G6.35
[more] 222150 L2512 65W 6.6A L45 X D11 G6.35
[more] 222120 L2513 100W 6.6A J1/58 L47 X D13.5 G6.35
[more] 214910 L2518 100W 8.33A J1/66 L47 X D13.5 G6.35
[more] 222110 L2514 200W 6.6A J1/39 L47 X D13.5 G6.35
[more] 214920 L2519 200W 8.33A J1/65 L47 X D13.5 G6.35
[more] 217570 L2500 30W 6.6A EXL L44 X D11.4 GZ9.5
[more] 216860 L2501 45W 6.6A EXM L44 X D11.4 GZ9.5
[more] 245290 L2502 150W 6.6A EWR/1 L57 X D13.5 GZ9.5
[more] 216830 L2503 175W 6.6A L57 X D13.5 GZ9.5
[more] 216960 L2504 200W 6.6A EZL L57 X D13.5 GZ9.5
[more] 245310 L2505 115W 6.6A EW L57 X D13.5 GZ9.5
[more] 245300 L2502 150W 6.6A EWR/2 L57 X D13.5 GZ9.5
  • Features
    • Current controlled (6.0A, 6.6A &8.33A) lamps
    • Long reliable through life performance
    • Complete interchangeability for existing capsule types
    • Constant colour temperature
    • Dimming possible
    • Infra-red radiation output allowing operation in toughest winter conditions
    • Bulb should never be touched with bare fingers



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