Activa (SAD) T8

Petcare and Horticulture

The Activa T8 is a full spectrum lamp including UVA, it emits radiation to most closely reproduce sunlight. Featuring excellent colour rendering (Ra98/Class 1A), the Activa T8 fluorescent assists in making animals look bright and attractive.

Order Code Description Dimensions Base
[more] 202672 F15W/Activa L437 x D26 G13
[more] 218039 F18W/Activa L590 X D26 G13
[more] 218028 F36W/Activa L1199 X D26 G13
[more] 218134 F58W/Activa L1500 X D26 G13
[more] 202188 F70W/Activa L1764 X D26 G13
  • Features
    • Full spectrum lamp including UVA
    • Radiation reproduces sunlight most closely
    • Excellent colour rendering (Ra98/Class 1A)
    • Makes the animals look bright and attractive
    • Colour temperature: 6500K



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