Siteco Mirrortec Reflector 100


The Siteco Mirrortec® 100 and 100A reflectors are components of the Siteco Mirrortec® system that is based upon the principle of secondary reflection. With this a projector emits a light beam that is dispersed with a deflection reflector and reflected without glare back into the spacial area. Individual reflector facets take on the task of light point resolution, thereby reducing glare. The Siteco Mirrortec® 100 and 100A reflectors have been designed on the basis of the patented Siteco® Fresnel reflector technology, enabling a very flat construction and precise targeting of each individual facet. According to reflector choice, symmetrical (Reflector 100) or asymmetrical (Reflector 100A) light distribution is created. The reflectors are mounted either with a robust ball-and-socket joint pendant for ceiling/wall mounting or via wire suspension.

  • Features
    • Siteco Mirrortecr Reflector 100 for ceiling mounting or wall mounting
    • Ultra-flat light point resolution reflector with Fresnel technology for symmetrical light distribution: 100 x 100mm Fresnel facets with flat, smooth front
    • Application area: indoors
    • Very good optical characteristics: brilliant appearance with superior light point resolution; defined beam area
    • The light source is concealed even from a distance
    • High quality design, minimal construction height
    • 3-D effect of facets
    • Less mounting effort due to low weight
    • Easy cleaning with washable, flat front
    Luminaire Construction
    • Aluminium honeycomb structure as baseplate with extruded aluminium frame
    • A world’s first: flattest ever facet reflector with Fresnel technology
    • Low windage area
    • Excellent optical characteristics: brilliant appearance, superior light point resolution, defined beam area with good uniformity
    • Light source is not visible even from a distance
    • Low installation effort required, low weight
    • Easy cleaning with washable, plane, smooth front




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