Siteco Mirrortec Projector 150


The rotosymmetrical Siteco® Mirrortec® projectors have been especially designed for combining with Siteco® Mirrortec® reflectors. The projectors are characterised by high light output ratios and a narrow distribution with narrow half-peak divergence without light spill effects.  This is made possible with precise lighting technology consisting of a powerful HIT lamp and an inverse aluminium reflector system. With the parallel distribution variation this optic controls the beam area of +/- 8 degrees so exactly that the projectors are suitable for Siteco® Mirrortec® reflectors. Its application spectrum is the precise, focused illumination of walls and ceilings. The projector of high quality die-cast aluminium is compactly constructed for easy handling: the projector head and electrical case that additionally functions as a wall surface mounting module are separately constructed, but connected with a rotating hinge. This enables the projector head to be variably adjusted and securely fixed via three screws.

  • Features
    • Siteco Mirrortec® Projector 150 for secondary reflector systems and floodlighting, for mounting to vertical or horizontal surfaces
    • Patented lighting technology with inverse mounting position, highly specular aluminium reflector, parallel distribution
    • With ECG or LLCG, p.f. corrected, and igniter
    • Protection rating: IP6 5
    • Insulation class: I
    • Application area: indoors or outdoors
    • Recommended distance from projector to reflector:

        70w: 1…2m
        150w: 2…3m
    Note concerning lamp selection: when selecting lamps, the permissible lamp burning position must be considered (specification of lamp manufacturer)

    Luminaire Construction
    • Die-cast aluminium housing, metallic grey (RAL 9006): plated and anodised aluminum reflector, matt outer surface; enclosure of toughened safety glass
    •  Projector head and electrical case with rotatable and pivotable joint
    • Temperature resistant cover
    • Plated and anodised aluminium reflector
    • Tool-free relamping via opening of upper tube hood


    • Projectors suitable for HIT and HIT-CRI lamps with 70/150W or 250/400W
    • Projector complete with control gear unit and ignitor
    • P.f. corrected

    Lighting Technology:

    • Due to inverse mounting position, beam area is exactly defined
    • Lighting technology is patented
    • Variation 1: parallel beam distribution optimised for secondary reflector, maximum light output ratio and uniform illumination within beam area ± 8°
      Less than 1.6 % of lumen output outside of ± 10° distribution area for avoidance of light emission
    • Variation 2: wide light distribution for floodlighting on request



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