R2 Mini P Narrow Distribution


The SiCompact® R MINI projectors are suitable for combining with the Siteco Mirrortec® reflectors and fit seamlessly within the Siteco Mirrortec® system. They create rotosymmetrical light distribution. Various configurations for HIT-CE lamps and suitable control gear are available. These are integrated in the housing and are separated from the lamp compartment for ease of mounting and maintenance.

  • Features
    • R2 Mini P projector for secondary reflector systems and floodlighting, for mounting to vertical or horizontal surfaces, for post-top mounting or with wall bracket
    • With highly specular aluminium reflector, narrow distribution
    • With LLCG, p.f. corrected and ignitor
    • Protection rating; IP65
    • Insulation class: I
    • Application area: indoors or outdoors
    • Recommended distance from projector to reflector:

        70w: 1…2m
        150w: 2…3m
    Lamp recommendation with 150w: Phillips CDM-T 150w

    Luminaire Construction
    • Die-cast aluminium housing and supporting structure, Siteco® metallic grey (DB 7025); cover of toughened safety glass
    • Insulation class: I
    • Protection rating: IP65
    • All-round weather-resistant sealing
    • Plane glass luminaire enclosure
    • Connection via diecast aluminium base


    • Igniter and control gear integrated within housing and separated from lamp compartment

    Lighting Technology:

    • Diecast aluminium luminaire head with removeable reflector unit
    • Narrow light distribution with highly specular aluminium reflector
    • Ideal projector for short projector-reflector distances
    • Compact die-cast aluminium housing with narrow distribution lighting technology
    • Includes pressure equalisation port for condensation avoidance within housing
    • High light output ratio with compact design
    • All electrical components integrated inside housing


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