Paterson T5

Industrial Luminaire

The Paterson T5 is a low profile luminaire utilising energy efficient high output T5 linear fluorescent lamps combined with a precision designed high quality reflector system. The fitting is suitable for a wide range of applications from sports halls to warehouse lighting and comes in 2x54W, 4x54W or 6x54W options allowing the end user the opportunity of reducing energy consumption.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] PATO254NS PATO T5 2X54W NS 3
[more] PATO454NS PATO T5 4x54W NS L1200 x D400 X H90 5
[more] PATO654NS PATO T5 6x54W NS L1200 X D595 X H90 7
[more] PATE254NS PATO T5 2x54W NS 3
[more] PATE454NS PATE T5 4x54W NS L1200 X D400 X H90 7
[more] PATE654NS PATE T5 6x54W NS L1200 X D595 X H90 9
[more] PATI254NS Pat I T5 2x54W NS IP54 3.5
[more] PATI454NS PATI T5 4x54W NS IP54 L1200 X D400 X H90 5.5
[more] PATI654NS PATI T5 6x54W NS IP54 L1200 X D595 X H90 7.5
  • Features
      • Short start up time allows for use of occupancy sensor system
      • High efficient reflector system offers high power/lumen ratios
      • Multiple mounting options
      • Electronic control gear
    Luminaire Construction
    • Fabricated cold rolled steel
    • Pre-treated white epoxy powder coat finished
    • 95% high reflectance optical system
    • 2x54W, 4x54W or 6x54W options
    • Non occupancy sensor as standard, occupancy sensor versions on request
    Options Available
    • Dali
    • IP54
    • Occupancy Sensor
    • Switching options
    • Long Life Lamp and Gear >50 000 hours (add LL suffix)
    • Energy saving lamps (Ecoline 50w)


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