Ellipse Highbay

IP65 Highbay

The Ellipse Highbay is a decorative, high specification luminaire which satisfies both a pleasant aesthetical appearance with robust IP65 design. The fitting is part of the Ellipse range which features a unique extruded aluminium body with cast aluminium components and can be painted in variable colour schemes which harmonise any environment.

Ellipse Highbay Pulse Start Range

The Ellipse Pulse Start range offers the benefits of leading edge Metal Halide lamp technology. Pulse Start systems offer superior lumen maintenance, reduced colour shift, quicker start and restart times as well as significant increase in lamp life. Contact your local SLA representative for further details.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] S309103 Ellipse H/Bay 250W HPS L585 X D460 13.2
[more] S309106 Ellipse H/Bay 400W HPS L585 X D460 14.7
[more] S309102 Ellipse H/Bay 250W MH L585 X D460 12.7
[more] S309105 Ellipse H/Bay 400W MH L585 X D460 13.2
[more] S309109 Ellipse H/Bay 250W MH PS L585 X D460 12.9
[more] S309110 Ellipse H/Bay 320W MH PS L585 X D460 12.9
[more] S309111 Ellipse H/Bay 350W MH PS L585 X D460 13
[more] S309112 Ellipse H/Bay 400W MH PS L585 X D460 13.2
  • Features
    • Visually appealing design
    • Low profile
    • Timed ignitor as standard
    • Metal can capacitor as standard
    • Lanyard system for reflector and enclosure
    • Internally sandblasted reflector option for wider distribution
    Luminaire Construction
    • Corrosion resistant extruded Marine Grade aluminium housing
    • Corrosion resistant die-cast LM6 Marine grade aluminium alloy end caps and neck
    • Electro-statically applied powder coat, oven cured to a hard durable finish in Black RAL9005 FI as standard
    • Stainless steel fasteners
    • Lens made of thermal shock resistant safety glass
    • Weatherproof and durable silicon gasket
    • Anodised high purity specular aluminium reflector chemically brightened with external powdercoat finish in Black RAL9005 FI as standard
    Options Available
    • CWA options
    • Rod suspension options
    • Mains volt supplementary QI options available for temporary supply failure
    • Hard wired as standard with F&P options
    • Colour options
    • Dimmable
    • Environ option


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