Eco Indy Series


The Eco Indy Series is an ideal, general purpose highbay lighting system. The fixture provides an economical, value for money lighting solution for most Industrial/ Commercial interior installations. The luminaire is compact and lightweight making for ease of installation and the control gear is reliable giving excellent life.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] Eco Indy 400W MV Mercury Vapour L540 X D410 8
[more] Eco Indy 250W HPS High Pressure Sodium L540 X D410 8
[more] Eco Indy 400W MH Metal Halide L540 X D410 9.2
[more] Eco Indy 250W MH PS Metal Halide L540 8.4
[more] Eco Indy 320W MH PS Metal Halide L540 X D410 8.4
[more] Eco Indy 350W MH PS Metal Halide L540 X D410 8.4
[more] Eco Indy 400W MH PS Metal Halide L540 X D410 9.2
  • Features
    • Open version utilises a vented cast neck system to allow for a self cleaning convection process
    • Non vented neck with breather for enclosed versions retrofitting to existing fittings
    Luminaire Construction
    • Gear housing manufactured from die-cut mild steel body and side plates
    • Reflector manufactured from bright anodised spun aluminium
    • Enclosed version manufactured from toughened safety glass len with moulded silicon gasket
    • Factory fitted 1.2mt moulded F&P as standard
    Options Available
    • Wire guard option
    • Pulse Start options

    Specify fuse if required
    For enclosed add “Encl” suffix. Add 2.0 kg to mass
    For wire guard, add “WG” suffix.
    *Available with MP lamp for specific hazardous applications


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