Trident VL126 Emergency

Increased Safety Fluorescent

Ex em IIC
The VL126 Emergency luminaire is used for lighting safe evacuation areas in the event of mains failure. The luminaire is suitable for onshore and offshore applications.

  • Features
    • Low profile
    • Cassette relamp
    • Can be relamped without need to isolate
    • End of life protection
    • Ambient: -45°C to 55°C
    • Terminal Size: 4mm2 with looping
    • Power Factor: 0.9
    • Voltage Range:

    - 110V - 254V 50/60Hz (18W)
    - 220V - 254V 50/60Hz (36W - 58W)
    - 110V - 130V 50/60Hz (36W - 58W) Optional


    • IECEx SIR 03.0004
    • ATEX SIR 03ATEX 3206
    • Ex em II T4


    • 2 x M20 with threaded entry pad (1 plugged)
    Luminaire Construction
    • Control gear and lamp envelope is polycarbonate protected by a stainless steel reflector
    • Features the smallest gasket area of any Zone fluorescent, reducing the potential for water ingress
    • The gasket is a single piece moulded silicon gasket
    • Dedicated 11W compact fluroescent lamp encapsulated in the lid assembly only operating under emergency conditions
    • Main lamps can be safely replaced without the need for mains isolation
    Options Available
    • Specific voltage (110/130V) – 18W/36W only (add suffix /120)
    • Through wiring (add suffix /T)
    • M25 Threaded entry (add suffix /M25)
    • Spigot entry (add suffix /SE – 2 x 18W only)
    • Battery control management system (add suffix /BCM)
    • Remote inhibition (only available with /BCM) (add suffix /RI)
    • 6mm2 screw terminal (add suffix /SC)
    • Zinctec Reflector (add suffix /ZR)


    • Standard mounting is direct to the external reflector.
    • Optional ceiling, wall, pole mounting brackets, and eye bolts are available on request.
    • Direct pole mounting option for up to 42mm Ø


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