Bi-Symmetrical Floodlight

The Sylflood is a versatile general purpose floodlight suitable for a wide range of applications and featuring High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamp options from 150W to 400W.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] SF150HPS Sylflood 150W HPS 11.2
[more] SF250HPS Sylflood 250W HPS 11.5
[more] SF400HPS Sylflood 400W HPS 13
[more] SF250MH Sylflood 250W MH 11
[more] SF400MH Sylflood 400W MH 11.5
  • Features
    • Timed ignitor as standard
    • Metal can capacitor as standard
    • Anti-vibration lampholder as standard
    • Visor retention via maintenance friendly latch fixing system
    Luminaire Construction
    • High pressure die-cast aluminium body and frame
    • 5mm safety glass in hinged frame
    • Weatherproof and durable gasket system
    • Anodised peened aluminium reflector system
    • Polyester powdercoat in Black
    • M20 cable gland
    Options Available
    • PE Cell option
    • Louvered glare shield option
    • Hood option
    • Wire guard option
    • 3600 rotational trunnion option


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