Spia Wall Recessed

Wall Recessed

The Spia wall recessed fixture is ideal for lighting pathways, entrances and similar applications. Round aluminum with horizontal or vertical grill, or round stainless steel trim. Rough-in housing in polypropylene. Accessories available include: colour filters and a loop through wiring connector.

  • Luminaire Construction
    • IP / IK RATING: Microspia and Midispia : IP 67 / IK 10 - Spia : IP 66 / IK 07
    • HOUSING: Die-cast aluminum EN AB 47100 high resistance to oxidation
    • ROUGH-IN HOUSING: Must be used polypropilene (PP) ? to be ordered separately
    • DIFFUSER: Sodium calcium tempered glass. Spia: 5mm, Midispia:12 mm, Microspia: 8mm
    • EXTERNAL FIXINGS: Stainless steel A4-70 treated with highly antioxidant water-repellent lubricating solution. The treatment ensures easy opening of the product for maintenance
    • SEALING GASKET: Silicone
    • CABLE ENTRY Spia: double by silicone bushing 10/14mm - Midispia: cable gland M16 5/10mm
    • Microspia: Cable gland M16 5/10mm
    • SECOND CABLE: Possible with accessory
    • SECOND CABLE ENTRY Spia: available upon request
    • FINISH: Double powder coating polyester high resistance to UV and oxidation - 2 mm. thickness AISI 316L stainless steel
    Options Available
    • LEDs Available: 3000K / 4000K / (6000K upon request)
    • LAMP: Not included


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