SM 300

Indirect Post Top

The SM 300 is a decorative post top luminaire featuring an indirect reflector system and utilising Siteco Mirrortec© technology. The secondary reflector generates a glare-fee, harmonious light distribution allowing precise light control.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] 5NA 318 E-1MA08 Asymmetrical HIT-CE 70W 27
[more] 5NA 318 E-1PA08 Asymmetrical HIT-CE 150W 32.8
[more] 5NA 318 E-1MP08 Asymmetrical Canopy 20 HIT-CE 70W 27
[more] 5NA 318 E-1PP08 Asymmetrical Canopy 20 HIT-CE 150W 28
[more] 5NA 318 E-1MS08 Symmetrical HIT-CE 1x70W 27
[more] 5NA 318 E-1PS08 Symmetrical HIT-CE 150W 32.8
  • Features
    • Diecast aluminium support arms and mast mounting element, for spigot size 76mm
    • High-grade system luminaire with optimised Siteco Mirrortec® technology for glare-free, standardised lighting concepts
    • Relamping without tools
    • Electrical module accessible without tools via bayonet catch
    • Three different light distribution patterns cover all essential lighting requirements. Narrow beam variation with 20° tilted canopy
    • Glare-free standardised illumination with large luminaire spacing
    • Optional Siteco Lens Light System for minimised light spill
    Luminaire Construction
    • Extremely torsionally rigid and multi-layered canopy construction of aluminium and steel
    • Projector housing with toughened safety glass cover and bayonet catch for opening without tools
    • Extremely weather-resistant coating (Siteco metallic grey DB 702S). Metallic grey (RAL 9006) canopy underside acts as supplementary reflector surface
    • Reflector system with primary and secondary reflector for optimised, uniform illumination
    Options Available
    • Colour options


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