The POLVERTI series is a bollard with a no-glare downward light beam ideal for illuminating open spaces, pathways and driveways in residential and public areas.Based on the Verso family with a variety of models (Verso, Vertiverso, LongVerso and MiniVerso), it can be installed alongside the same fixtures to ensure visual integrity.This item is made of EN AB 47100 die-cast aluminium ,IP65 , with high resistance to oxidation. Metal halide, fluorescent lamp or LEDs  may be used for various applications and to provide energy saving solutions.

Order Code Description Dimensions Wattage
[more] 5413.L2F.P Polverti 20W HCI-TF 630h x 185w x 185d 20
[more] 5413.60X.P Polverti 6W GX53 630h x 185w x 185d 6
[more] 5413.D2M.P Polverti 3W LED 3000K 630h x 185w x 185d 3
[more] 5413.R9M.P Polverti 3W 3LED 4000K 630h x 185w x 185d 3
[more] 5414.L2F.P Polverti 20W HCI-TF 930h x 185w x 185d 20
[more] 5414.60X.P Polverti 6W GX53 930h x 185w x 185d 6
[more] 5414.D2M.P Polverti 3W LED 3000K 930h x 185w x 185d 3
[more] 5414.R9M.P Polverti 3W 3LED 4000K 930h x 185w x 185d 3
  • Luminaire Construction
    • IP RATING: IP65
    • POST: Extruded aluminium EN AW 6060 high resistance to oxidation
    • BODY: Die cast aluminium high EN AB 47100 resistance to oxidation
    • DIFFUSER: 3 mm soda-lime tempered glass                   
    • EXTERNAL FIXINGS: Stainless steel A4-70
    • SEALING GASKET: Silicone
    • CABLE ENTRY: Cable gland EPDM free of halogens Ø 8/12 mm
    • FINISH: Double powder coating polyester high resistance to UV and oxidation
    Options Available
    • LEDs available: 3000K / 4000K / (6000K upon request)
    • LAMP: Not included



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