Pixel S Series

LED (Category P)

The Pixel LED-S Series provides the latest LED lighting technology in an aesthetically pleasing luminaire which offers excellent spill light, glare control and produces no upward light. A highly efficient lens design provides a symmetrical streetlight distribution which is suitable for Pedestrian Areas, Car Parks, Cycleways and Precinct lighting applications.

Based upon the high reliability of LEDs, the robust construction of the luminaire housing, an IP66 rating and with the elimination of lamp replacements, significantly reduces maintenance requirements, providing unprecedented cost savings.

The sleek die-cast aluminium body is provided with hinged cover which is secured via a latch to provide tool free access to the luminaire for ease of installation and maintenance. Available with 24 LEDs or 48 LEDs, offers flexibility to optimise the lighting scheme for your desired application.

Order Code Description Dimensions Weight
[more] EJS9901L33 Pixel LED-S 24 6.6
[more] EJS9901L60 Pixel LED-S 48 6.6
  • Features
    • 24 x LEDs, total power consumption 33W
    • 48 x LEDs, total power consumption 60W
    • Colour Temperature 4300K
    • Colour Rendering >70
    • Integral electronic control gear
    Luminaire Construction
    • Pressure die-cast aluminium body
    • Toughened glass visor with silicone foam gasket
    • Hinged access cover with quick release latch.
    • Stainless steel toggle latches and fasteners
    • Side entry mounting.
    • IP66 optical / control gear chamber
    • Black polyester powdercoat finish as standard
    Options Available
    • Mounting Brackets
    • Double Insulation
    • Polyester powdercoat finish in various colours


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