Margin Wall

Wall Recessed

Compact sized wall recessed fixture for pathways, driveways, entrances and similar applications. Stainless steel trim or aluminum trim with grill. Shallow 105 mm recessing depth. Rough-in housing in polypropylene included. Loop through wiring connector available.

  • Luminaire Construction
    • IP / IK RATING Margin Wall : IP66 / IK 06 - Maxi Margin Wall : IP66 IK 07
    • HOUSING: Die-cast aluminium EN AB 47100 high resistance to oxidation
    • ROUGH-IN HOUSING: Must be used polypropilene (PP) – to be ordered separately
    • DIFFUSER: Soda-lime tempered glass. Maxi MarginWall : 5 mm. - Margin Wall : 4 mm.                
    • EXTERNAL FIXINGS: Stainless steel A4-70 treated with highly antioxidant water-repellent lubricating solution. The  treatment ensures easy opening of the product for maintenance
    • SEALING GASKET: Silicone
    • CABLE ENTRY: Double with silicone cable gland Ø10/14
    • REFLECTOR: Maxi Margin Wall: Aluminium
    • FINISH: Double powder coating polyester high resistance to UV and oxidation- 2 mm. thickness AISI 316L stainless steel
    Options Available
    • LEDs Available: 3000K / 4000K / (6000K upon request)
    • LAMP: Not included


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