Decorative Post Top

The Lantern is a decorative post top luminaire featuring a domed circular aluminium canopy and unique moulded visor, re-interpreting the form of a classic lantern shaped fixture. The result is an installation friendly, modular luminaire with an elegant, transparent appearance combined with modern lighting technologies.

Order Code Description Dimensions Lamp Description
[more] 5LA 524 2-2KS28 Lantern 2x 24W CF 593h x 750 dia 2x CFL24W Compact Fluorescent
[more] 5NX 524 E-1MS18 Lantern 70W HPS 593h x 750 dia SHP70/CO/I High Pressure Sodium
[more] 5NX 524 E-1NS18 Lantern 100W HPS 593h x 750 dia SHP-S-100W High Pressure Sodium
[more] 5NX 524 E-1JS18 Lantern 35W MH 593h x 750 dia CMI-MP35/CO/U Metal Halide
[more] 5NX 524 E-1LS18 Lantern 70W MH 593h x 750 dia MP70/CO/U Metal Halide
[more] 5NX 524 E-1KS18 Lantern 100W MH 593h x 750 dia MP100/CO/U Metal Halide
  • Features
    • Light control possible by available range of reflector inserts
    • Decorative Housing elements for system completion
    • Clear PMMA diffuser as standard with option for frosted PMMA version
    Luminaire Construction
    • Strong post mounting element made of die-cast aluminium for 76mm spigot
    • Top cover canopy made of aluminium
    • Optical enclosure made of UV-stabilised acrylic PMMA material
    • Replaceable electrical module includes the gear, lamp holder and optical reflector accessories
    • Housing metallic grey powder coated in Siteco Grey DB 7025

    For Frosted Lens version, please contact your SLA representative


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