Galaxsie Alu

Indirect Post Top

The Galaxsie Alu is a decorative post top luminaire featuring an indirect reflector system and utilising Siteco Mirrortec© technology. The secondary reflector generates a glarefee, harmonious light distribution allowing precise light control.

Order Code Description Dimensions Beam Description
[more] 5NA 314 E-1MA08 Asymmetrical HIT-CE 70W 1100h x 750 dia Asymmetric
[more] 5NA 314 E-1PA08 Asymmetrical HIT-CE 150W 1100h x 750 dia Asymmetric
[more] 5NA 314 E-1MS08 Symmetrical HIT-CE 70W 1100h x 750 dia Symmetric
[more] 5NA 314 E-1PS08 Symmetrical HIT-CE 150W 1100h x 750 dia Symmetric
  • Features
    • Decorative luminaire with future-orientated design for post-mounting
    • Innovative lighting technology
    • Mirrortec© secondary glare free reflector system
    • Highly efficient lighting technology for large luminaire spacing with uniform illuminance
    • Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution
    • Complete aluminium made spigot, projector and reflector cover
    • For tubular metal-halide lamps in ceramic and quartz technology
    • Operation by conventional integral control gear with integrated thermal fuse
    Luminaire Construction
    • Housing cover formed of aluminium sheet
    • Rods made of stainless steel
    • Spigot and projector made of cast aluminium
    • Projector based on Siteco R1 MINI technology
    • High polished specular reflector
    • Surface powder coated in Siteco metallic grey
    • Tempered flat glass enclosure
    • Integrated pressure equalization port for condensation avoidance
    Options Available
    • Colour options


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