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The CLESSIDRA concept is a subtle design with minimal visual impact for the built and landscaped environments. The light system is based on the innovative XICATO LED module that provides percection in light quality with its outstanding uniformity (3000 K , CRI 80+) and extremely tight tolerance on colour point, both initial and through time (5 years warranty on homogeneous colour  point as well). The understated design together with the direct and ambient lighting elements make CLESSIDRA a sophisticated choice for use in city centres , parks , and prestigious architectural projects. CLESSIDRA allows a high degree of personalization for project specific versions.

Order Code Description Dimensions Lamp Description
[more] 1500.R11.T Clessidra 34W LED 3K 4500h x 193 dia 34W 4LED 240V XICATO 3000K
[more] 1500.17X.T Clessidra 35W HIT 4500h x 193 dia 35W HIT
[more] 1500.19X.T Clessidra 70W HIT 4500h x 193 dia 70W HIT
[more] 1501.R11.T Clessidra 34W LED 3K 4000h x 193 dia 34W 4LED 240V XICATO 3000K
[more] 1501.17X.T Clessidra 35W HIT 4000h x 193 dia 35W HIT
[more] 1501.19X.T Clessidra 70W HIT 4000h x 193 dia 70W HIT
  • Luminaire Construction
    • IP RATING: IP65
    • HOUSING: Die-cast aluminium high resistance to oxidation and extruded aluminium
    • COLUMN: Structural ENGINEERING STEELS S235 JR (UNI EN 12219)
    • EXTERNAL FIXINGS: Stainless steel A4-70
    • SEALING GASKET: Silicone
    • FINISH: Double powder coating polyester high resistance to UV and oxidation
    Options Available
    • LEDs Available: 3000K by XICATO


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