City Light Elegance

Decorative Post Top

The City Light Elegance is a decorative post top luminaire featuring a flat circular aluminium canopy, re-interpreting the form of the classic lantern shaped fixture. The result is an installation friendly, modular luminaire with an elegant, transparent appearance combined with modern lighting technologies.

Order Code Description Dimensions Lamp Description
[more] 5NX 526 E-1MS28 City Light E 70W HPS 675h x 750 dia SHP70/CO/I High Pressure Sodium
[more] 5NX 526 E-1NS28 City Light E 100W HPS 675h x 750 dia SHP-S-100W High Pressure Sodium
[more] 5NX 526 E-1JS28 City Light E 35W MH 675h x 750 dia CMI-MP35/CO/U Metal Halide
[more] 5NX 526 E-1LS28 City Light E 70W MH 675h x 750 dia MP70/CO/U Metal Halide
[more] 5NX 526 E-1KS28 City Light E 100W MH 675h x 750 dia MP100/CO/U Metal Halide
  • Features
    • Rounded canopy
    • Removable gear try inserts
    • Clear PMMA diffuser as standard with option for frosted PMMA version
    • Light control with reflectors inserts to be ordered separately
    Luminaire Construction
    • Strong post mounting element made of die-cast aluminium for 76mm spigot
    • Optical enclosure made of UV-stabilised acrylic PMMA material
    • Top cover and reflector canopy made of aluminium
    • Canopy underside white powder coated, acting as reflector
    • Replaceable electrical module includes the gear, lamp holder and optical reflector accessories
    • Made of die-cast aluminium or aluminium sheet
    • Housing metallic grey powder coated in Siteco Grey DB 7025


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