Ceiling Recessed and Surface

The Atia is a wall mounted up and down light in die cast and extruded aluminium high resistance to oxidation. IP 65 rated and tempered glass. Thanks to a revolutionary  plug-in system, ATIA can be easily installed and removed by one person only, reducing installation and mainteinance costs. Reflector orientation is controlled by a mechanical stop. ATIA is designed for medium large buildings. Available with one or two adjustable beams with different spreads to answer all lighting design needs.

  • Luminaire Construction
    • IP RATING: IP65
    • HOUSING: Extruded aluminium EN AW 6060 T5 high resistance to oxidation
    • DIFFUSER: 10 mm soda-lime tempered glass                  
    • EXTERNAL FIXINGS: Stainless steel A4-70
    • SEALING GASKET: Silicone
    • REFLECTOR: 99.99% pure aluminium high vacuum deposit
    • CABLE ENTRY: Nickel-plated brass cable gland M16 Ø 5,5/10 mm
    • LAMP: Not included
    • FINISH: Double powder coating polyester high resistance to UV and oxidation
    Options Available
    • LEDs Available: 3000K / 4000K / (6000K upon request)


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