A2 Mini LED

LED Floodlight

The A2 Mini LED is a high quality flat glass side throw luminaire ideal for a wide range of applications whereby precise beam control, low glare and minimal spill is required. The luminaire features twin 12 LED module systems for optimised performance providing total power consumption of 43W.

Description Dimensions Order Code Weight
[more] A2 Mini 24 LED Trunnion 184h x 276w x 355d 5XA7577LNA008 5
[more] A2 Mini 24 LED No Mount 184h x 276w x 355d 5XA7577LNA208 4.8
[more] A2 Mini Single Mast Adaptor 5NY75701XA2108 0
[more] A2 Mini Twin Mast Adaptor 5NY75702XA2108 0
  • Features
    • 24 LEDs providing long life 4800K
    • Luminous flux 2200 lm
    • Control option for 100%/50% output
    • Luminaire includes 6 MT of fitted cable
    • CRI >80
    • Mains volt supply
    • 50,000 hour LED lamp life
    Luminaire Construction
    • Die-Cast aluminium housing
    • Silicon gasket system
    • Flat safety glass cover
    • Zinc plated steel trunnion or pole mount adaptors (suit 76mm spigot)
    • Powdercoat finish in Siteco metallic grey DB702S


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